June Monthly Message

Important Announcement


Summer is finally here!!!

We have all earned the rest and relaxation that comes with the summer months, even if we are still working with our players for the coming school season. I want to keep things short and sweet this month so if you do not understand either of the items listed here, please don’t hesitate to contact me or any one of your officers to clarify.

The board met on Friday May 15-17 in Dallas to discuss and vote on some very important items.

  • The main topic of discussion in Dallas was the future of the TTCA Convention in December. Starting this December 11-13, the TTCA Convention will be held at Horseshoe Bay Resort, right outside of Marble Falls. Go to website http://hsbresort.com to check out the amenities . To explain, T Bar M has sold and the new owners have decided to go in a different direction. We would be down quite a large number of rooms and beds for this coming December which would require moving that number of coaches to the hotels in town. When we found this out we started looking around for possible locations to host the convention. Three bids were presented and discussed. After a lot of discussion, the Board settled on moving the convention to Horseshoe Bay. With a lot of the rooms already booked for the 1st weekend in December, we decided to move the Convention (for this year only) to the 2nd weekend in December. The resort is a first class facility and can host everything that you could want right there on the grounds. The growth of the convention is limitless at this facility and the Staff of the Resort has bent over backwards showing us how much they want us to make their facility our home. We plan on starting to take reservations earlier this year and you will definitely want to take part. I can promise you that you will be impressed with what you see. The cost of the convention for this year will be $325 and it still includes your membership, room (double occupancy), and meals. Some of you might want to bring your wives and let them spend time at the Spa while you are in meetings or playing tennis on the hard, red clay, or pro grass courts. The staff even talked about putting up a couple of real grass courts (but I am not promising that). Keep looking at your email, the webpage, and the facebook page this summer to see when registration will begin. Don’t miss out on this years convention. I am extremely excited about the future at Horseshoe Bay.
    • Convention Dates:
      • December 11-13, 2015
      • December 2-4, 2016
      • December 8-10, 2017
  • The board decided to go forward with the Summer Team League for our players this summer . It will be in satellite areas this summer and there could be some flexibility in the organization of the plans this summer. Our plan is to go statewide next summer, utilizing the Universal Rating System as a way to rank the players on each team and sort out the levels of each team. Jay Govan (2nd Vice President) will be heading this up and you can contact him for more information on how to start the League in your area. We might even have an inaugural State Tournament possibly in the Dallas area on the SMU campus the first weekend of August. Teams will not be required to go but it could mean more play and fun for a lot of players.

On a final note, please go to the following website to answer one more poll to see how you feel about a couple of items. This will give us some good feedback to possibly bring to the UIL Legislative Council Meeting. The poll will close on June 5 at 5:00pm. Here is the link:


Enjoy your summer time out of school and don’t forget to keep up with TTCA events on the website, email blasts, and facebook.

Bobby Kleinecke