UPDATE: 4/15 11:20 am


The poll about Regional closed yesterday at 6pm. We had over 300 responses and 90% were in favor of mandating that a District Champion play a District Runner-up in the 1st round. Again, at the Convention, the coaches, almost unanimously, wanted us to make all Regionals consistent. After reporting the poll results to Darryl Beasley at the UIL, he has changed his decision and the Regional Directors can have all 1st round matches be mandated as a District Champion vs a District Runner-up. We will work to get it written in the UIL Regional Directors Manual for next year.
All Regions Should Follow These Guidelines

  • Seed a maximum of 1 for every 4 entrants in a division
  • Flip to see if #1 goes up or down (#2 the opposite)
  • Separate districts on opposite halves
  • Flip to see if #3 goes on line 5/6 or line 11/12 (#4 the opposite) unless dictated by players from same district
  • Draw out at random starting at the top of the draw but having 1s play 2s and keeping districts on opposite halves

Good luck to everyone. As always call or email if you have questions.

Bobby Kleinecke