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2024 TTCA Convention

December 6-8, 2024

Registration Opens on August 1

Spots run out fast - Sign up right away
All Invoices MUST BE PAID by November 1
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Serve Tennis HS Module

"Free" tool for all HS coaches to input dual matches and results, run tournaments by utilizing the Tournament Desk, track player and team records, along with much more.  Any coach who has not yet received an Invite to their team should email [email protected] the school name and city, coach name, email and cell number in order to receive one.


Tournament Director Instructions for Serve Tennis
 To Request a Serve Tennis HS Invite
Serve Tennis TX School Search
Tournament Help Articles for Serve Tennis
High School Serve Tennis Help Articles
 Suggestions/Feedback for Serve Tennis High School   
Cheat Note Serve Tennis Instructions
Recording of Instruction Call on Accepting/Roster
Serve Tennis HS Information Page