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Summer Tips from TTCA Member Vern Swisher:

Vern Swisher Jr.
USPTA Elite Pro. TTCA member


The Party's at the netl
If you have ever done doubles drills you've probably heard this phrase before. "Party's at the net." So what does It mean exactly? It means you would like to spend most of your time In doubles at the net. Why? You should be able to control most of the points and you should have more opportunities to finish at the point. When you and your partner play the net you will also force your opponents to hit better passing shots and or lobs. Next time you're playing doubles try to put pressure on your opponent by taking that weak 2nd serve crosscourt and going to the net. When you cet that short ball and you move up near the service line to hit It, Instead of moving back to the baseline take It as an approach shot and move forward to the net. Here ls your Invite to the party, now get to the net!

Raise your level.
Let's say you're playing someone and you are off to a great start. You're just keeping the ball in play and your opponent Is missing a lot. You are feeling good and you're winning. What happens If your opponent makes an adjustment? He starts to put more balls in play and he cuts down on his errors. He has essentially raised his level. You will have to raise your level. What you started off doing is no longer working. Here are three things you could do to raise your level. 1) Get your feet moving. 2) Play deeper early ln the point. 3) Make your opponent do something he/she does not want to do.

Mix It up.
Have you ever played someone that you thought was just much better than you? Most of us have. What can you do? Well one thing that you can do is "mix It up." M.I.U. means hitting a high topspin ball followed by hitting a low underspln ball to your opponent's weaker wing. Basically you are changing their contact point while also changing the spins and speed of the ball. Not only does this tactic usually frustrate your opponent, it will give you a chance to force mistakes and control the point. Next time you are playing someone that appears too tough for you, try to mix it up and force mistakes.


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