Special Recognition

TTCA Special Recognition Awards are given to deserving coaches at the Annual Convention.  These awards are named after the first recipient of the award.   A coach must be a TTCA member in good standing to be eligible to receive a Special Recognition Award.




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Year Coach


2020  Manuel Moreno


Holly Ford Sportsmanship Award:
Education is incomplete without sports, and sports are incomplete without a true education of sportsmanship. Good sportsmanship begins with an understanding that the principle nature of athletics, sports, and physical education are an integral part of the educational process, presenting innumerable opportunities to learn skills that last a lifetime. Holly demonstrated a HISTORY of sportsmanship by consistently respecting competitors, student athletes, coaches, and officials. She led student athletes to demonstrate good sportsmanship and ethical conduct in and out of competition ALWAYS, acting with integrity and respect for others across all endeavors. These award winners follow in the same path as Holly.

Year Coach


2009 Brandon Clark
2010 Troy Simonek
2011 Ted Phillips
2012 Vikki Rhodes
2013 N/A
2014 Jerry Radicke
2015 Patty Priddy
2016 Sharon Wartes
2017 Ernest Jochim
2018 John Furlow
2019 Jenny Paine
2020  Lana Fulkerson

Brandon Clark Courage Award:
Every coach goes through moments where a battle of some kind must be fought. Some are won, and some are lost. What we learn from, and how we fight those battles, shows what kind of courage we have. That courage can make us stronger through victory, and also in defeat. Courage to fight those battles can come on the court and also off the court. Brandon Clark fought courageously on both fronts. The most notable battle and show of courage began in 2006. Coach Clark was diagnosed with cancer and fought courageously to defeat it. He continued to coach through that battle until late November of 2009, when he lost his battle courageously. He was given the award that was named after him in early November of 2009, just one month before the TTCA convention, so that he could receive his award in front of his school at San Angelo Lakeview. In November of 2016 a new tennis complex was dedicated to Coach Brandon Clark. It bears his name today. The Brandon Clark Tennis Complex

Year Coach


2009 Carey Caldwell
2010 Manuel Moreno
2011 Patrick Marrie
2012 Carla Ladner
2013 Tom Faulkner
2014 Michael Blue
2015 Ruben Vargas
2016 Tyson Stewart
2017 Melissa Wells
2018 Stacy Bryan
2019 Michelle Holt
2020  Lester Jackson

Carey Caldwell Character Award:
An award given to a tennis coach that displays impeccable character both on and off the tennis court. This coach should be an example of Character that players, schools, communities, and fellow coaches want to exemplify. Carey Caldwell, whose name was given to this award has shown this kind of character throughout his entire coaching career and life. He is a member of the TTCA Hall of Fame and is now retired. He coached most of his career as the head tennis coach at Burkburnett High School. This award was named after Coach Caldwell in 2009.

Year Coach


2009 Ike Groce
2010 Steve Buck
2011 Jorge Lopez
2012 Daniel Marshall
2013 Ruben Vargas
2014 Bobby Kleinecke
2015 Shane Newman
2016 Tony Ramos
2017 Sam Wrinkle
2018 Christopher Reyes
2019 John Tremmel
2020  Travis Dalrymple

Ike Groce Vision Award:
This award is presented to the coach that demonstrates a clear Vision for his team, players, and program. This coach doesn’t just keep that Vision for tennis, but also for life. This coach clearly knows where their program is going and knows how to motivate his players and the people around him to get the job done! Coach Groce shared his Vision in tennis while coaching Brownwood, Abilene, and Lubbock before being named the head women’s tennis coach at Oklahoma State University. In 2009 this award was named after him and was accepted by his daughter Cari Groce, the former Texas Tech women’s tennis coach. Coach Ike Groce passed away in December of 1985. He was inducted into the TTCA Hall of Fame in 1986.

Year Coach


2010 Loretta Hrncir
2011 Angel Martinez
2012 Leslie Crook
2013 Syliva Sims
2014 Celina Burris
2015 Sean Reno
2016 Keith Howard
2017 Randy Stewart
2018 Tracy Tatum-Smith
2019 Manuel Moreno, Jr
2020  Tony Martinez

Loretta Hrncir Dedication Award:
This award speaks for itself. A coach nominated for this award, and there are many deserving coaches, is clearly dedicated to the sport. They spend endless hours on the court, in the classroom, on the road, and motivating athletes and students to perform at their best! These coaches seem to have an endless amount of energy and motivation! Loretta Hrncir fits that bill to the core! After nearly forty years at North Forest School District she has spent endless amounts of time and energy promoting the game of tennis to kids of all ages! Coach Hrncir has even enlisted the help of two professional tennis players to help raise funds for her tennis programs. Bob and Mike Bryan, along with dad Wayne, have helped her program throughout the years. In 2010 this award was named after her. Coach Hrncir retired in 2011.

Year Coach


2010 Kim Enocksen
2011 Kevin McElory
2012 Rory Frazee
2013 David Cook
2014 Tim Bourke
2015 Tommy Heim
2016 Kenneth Peiser
2017 Richard Foster
2018 Tim Calhoun
2019 Mandy Weaver
2020  Crystal Fain

Kim Enocksen Integrity Award:
An award given to a tennis coach that displays qualities of honesty, strong moral principles, and great ethics in the game and in life. This award should be taken very seriously and any coach nominated for this award should be a person of the utmost integrity. Kim Enocksen has been a person with all of these characteristics! She has been respected by her players, peers, school, and community everywhere that she has coached. Coach Enocksen has coached at Sam Rayburn High School and finished her career at Kingwood High School. In 2010 this award was named after her. She retired in 2013 and was inducted into the TTCA Hall of Fame in 2014.

Year Coach


2010 Jim Longbotham
2011 Gilbert Aranda
2012 John Furlow
2013 Betty Sue Welch
2014 Brian Woods
2015 Patty Priddy
2016 Paul Smith
2017 Jay Govan
2018 Tommy Heim
2019 Kelly Langdon
2020  Vince Sharp

Jim Longbotham Leadership Award:
Every coach should be an effective leader. This award is given to a coach that clearly displays all of the leadership qualities. This coach leads by example, motivation, direction, guidance, goal setting, and are the kind of coaches that people WANT to follow and work hard for! When you think of Leadership this is the kind of coach that you think of! Jim Longbotham has spent 36 years as the tennis coach at Groesbeck High School and 40 years in education. In his “spare” time he was the city’s mayor from 1983 to 2002. He was a past president for the TTCA and was instrumental in helping to build 3A tennis in Texas, which is now 4A and recognized by the UIL. He was and is a born leader and one of the most respected coaches in Texas! In 2010 this award was named after him. Coach Longbotham was inducted into the TTCA Hall of Fame in 2013.