2021 TTCA Scholarships

It is with a great honor that we announce the recipients of this year’s “Steve Buck” and “Betty Sue Welch” Texas Tennis Coaches Association Scholarships. This year we are fortunate to award ten scholarships to sons and daughters of our beloved TTCA members. On behalf of the TTCA Board of Directors, please join in congratulating all of these well-deserved recipients for their hard work and commitment and we wish them luck as they embark on their newest journey in education.

"Betty Sue Welch" Scholarship Winners



Rylie Denham, from Lubbock Coronado High, is the daughter of Coach David Denham. Rylie will be attending Texas Tech, McMurry, or South Plains College where she plans on majoring as a Dental Hygienist with a minor in Art. At Coronado she held down the number one spot her senior year in both singles and doubles. Rylie stands out. As Mark Dotson states it best, “She is looked up to by her team and her peers. Riley is not only a great player but also a team leader.”



Katelynn Graves, from Miles High School, is the daughter of Coach Jared Graves Katelynn will be attending Angelo State University in San Angelo, Texas where she plans on majoring in Biology. She would like to thank her dad “for being my biggest supporter and he has always been there to help me”. Katelynn sums it up best when she said, “ The most important skill that I learned, however, was good sportsmanship. He showed me that when I lost a match, it wasn’t because I hadn’t given it my best shot, but because my opponent played a little better than me on that day. I learned from this experience that if you never fail, winning loses its meaning. I understand the dedication, the time, and the work that goes into a successful season, and these things are life lessons that have made me better as a student and in life.”


Zoe Howard, from Ennis High School, is the daughter of Coach Keith Howard. Zoe will be attending Midwestern State University in Wichita Falls, TX, where she plans on majoring in Exercise Physiology. Contributing to her achievements, says her dad, “has taught me a countless amount of life lessons that I believe have shaped me into the person and player I am today.” As her lessons will guide her through greatness, she would also like to say, “Thanks to my dad, I highly value being a great teammate and the significance of striving towards goals as a unit rather than an individual. Whether he knows it or not, my dad is responsible for the person I have become today and I am extremely thankful that God gave me the blessing in disguise of my dad being my coach.”


"Steve Buck" Scholarship Winners


Stephen Graham, from Thrall High School, is the son of Coach Brenda Graham. Stephen will be attending Texas State University in San Marcos, Texas where he plans on majoring in Education. He states, “One of the most important things I learned from her (mom) was how to be responsible for things we need to do.” Great things are in line for Stephen as he also states, “ As much as she (mom) has taught me and helped me improve in tennis I think I cherish the things she taught me about being a better person, that is more important than anything else.”


Erik Knoll, from Vanguard College Preparatory School in Waco Tx, is the son of
Coach Greta Knoll. Erik will be attending Davidson College in Davidson, North Carolina
where he is currently an undecided major. We know great things will happen for Erik as he puts it ”... my mother's teaching has greatly helped me. Under her coaching she taught me to be resilient and not get attached to partial failing.”


Karch Knoll, from Vanguard College Preparatory School in Waco Tx, is also the son of Coach Greta Knoll and Matt Knoll the former Baylor men’s tennis head coach. Karch will be attending Grinnell College in Grinnell, Iowa where he plans on majoring in Economics. We know great things will also happen for Karch. In his words, “ I personally have learned much about being a captain, and will bring these leadership values with me forever. These ideals of self responsibility, and fighting for one's family have been instilled in me.”

     Sean Miller, from Westwood High School in Palestine Tx, is the son of Coach Edwin Miller. Sean will be attending the University of Texas at Tyler in Tyler, TX, where he plans on majoring in Biology-Pre-Dental. Sean would like everyone to know that, “My dad being my tennis coach has installed values into me and built my character. He is a great mentor who has offered valid advice and wants to see me succeed in every aspect of my life. My father being my tennis coach has transformed me in a positive way as a student, tennis player, and as a person. It has prepared me for the challenges that I will face and allows me to thrive at what I do.”
    Braden St. Ama, from V.R. Eaton High School in Haslet Tx, is the son of Coach Amy St. Ama. Braden will be attending Hardin Simmons University in Abilene, TX, where he plans on majoring in Education. As Braden moves to college not on the court but on the football field he would like you to know, “If it wasn't for my mom being a teacher and coach I wouldn’t be the man I am today or had near the success I have had in the classroom and on the field.”
     James Tanamachi, from Harlingen HIgh School, is the son of Coach James Tanamachi. James will be attending University of Texas San Antonio in San Antonio, TX, where he plans on majoring in Biochemistry. As James embarks on his next chapter of his life he can't help but give thanks to the structure his father gave him starting at a young age. He goes on to say, “My father’s discipline and teachings have kept me out of trouble and made me the respectful and academically inclined man and student I am today and I thank him greatly for that and everything else he has done for me and my family.”
    Shy Tatum, from Gatesville High School, is the son of Coach Marla Tatum. Shy will be attending Texas A&M University in College Station, TX, where he plans on majoring in Engineering. Even though Shy always had a passion for tennis, education and life, it was not until he had the opportunity to join his mother on the court, when she became his coach that he realized how dynamic this relationship would be. He states, “When my mom became a coach going into my junior year, I did not expect the fantastic effects it would have on me as a player and a student. Thanks to her, both my tennis team and I have drastically improved, my grades have continually been higher, and I became a better, hard working person.”