TTCA Coaches Favorite Drills Submission Form


Instructions to submit a drill

Download the form by clicking on the Submission Form Link below to begin.  Rename the form to the name of your drill.  In order to submit a picture of the setup of the drill, you can print the pdf file to draw in anything that will help you explain the drill.  Try to be very detailed in the Drill Description.  If you want to submit more than one drill, you can use the Clear Form button at the top and it will delete all fields at once making it easy to submit another drill.

Favorite Drills Submission Form


After completing the form, scan the pdf and email it [email protected] to get listed on the TTCA website.  Note that only TTCA members will be able to see the list of submitted forms.

The format is still a work in progress and I am working on simplifying everything about drawing the drill but at least there is a way that can be utilized until then.